Rongai Route – This is the only trail to approach Kibo from the north. Indeed, the original trail began right from the Kenyan Border. Recently, though, the trail shifted east-ward and now starts at the Tanzanian village of Nalemuru (after which the new trail has been named, though everybody still refers to it as the Rongai Route). For the final push to the summit, trekkers on this trail join with Marangu Route at Kibo Huts or just a little bit over 5000m mark just below Hans Meyer Cave. The trek can be competed in five days and four nights, though trekkers usually take a detour to the campsite beneath Mawenzi Peak adding an extra day.

Rongai is the easiest of the quality routes. At first glance, this route seems decidedly unattractive. The lower slopes at the very start have been denuded by farmers and present a bleak landscape, while the forest that follows is little more than a narrow band of wood land which soon gives way to some rather hot and shade less heath land. Then you notice the wildlife. Because this side of the mountain sees fewer tourists, and because animals tend to gather where humans do not, chances of seeing local wildlife here are greater than on any other route, barring perhaps those starting on the far west on the Shira Plateau.

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