Mombasa Island Beach Hotels & Holiday Resorts

Mombasa South Coast, Kenya

South Coast Mombasa Beach Hotels are located in Diani beach Mombasa South Coast Mombasa includes Diani Beach, about 40 km from Mombassa where the majority of the hotel and resort development is centered. The exceptions are Likoni, better known as Shelley Beach, just across from the Mombasa island ferry, Galu and Msambweni not far south of Diani, Tiwi and Shimoni close to the Tanzania border.

A good paved highway serves the whole of the south coast, and there is a tarmac airstrip at Ukunda serving the Diani resort area. Diani Beach is 10 kilometers long, a vast uninterrupted stretch of white sand lapped by an opal ocean joining up with Tiwi Beach. Many of the hotels along this beach nestle in cleared beachfront areas of the Jadini forest – still the haunt of leopard and monkeys as well as a brilliance of forest birds.

In addition to the hotels, there are private houses, some available for renting, and several self-catering “villages”. Most marine activities are available which include windsurfing, water skiing, scuba, snorkeling and deep-sea fishing.

Mombasa, Kenya’s second largest city, lies four degrees south of the equator on the Indian Ocean. The town is located on an island 3 miles long that is connected to the mainland by Nyali bridge to the north, Likoni ferry to the south and Makupa Causeway to the west, the latter carrying both the road and the railway leading to Kenya’s capital, Nairobi.

The port in Mombasa serves both the interior of the country and also numerous neighboring countries that are land-locked such as Uganda, Sudan and Rwanda, amongst others.

South Coast Mombasa Island Beach Hotels & Holiday Resorts in Kenya, Africa

Alfajiri Villas, (South Coast of Mombasa) Kenya

Alfajiri Beach Villa is situated in a secluded spot in Diani Beach, South Coast Mombasa of Kenya and one hour from the bustling city of Mombasa. Alfajiri Villas is now known as Cliff Villa which has been joined by two more luxury villas, Garden and Beach Villa, both offering exemplary standards of service, accommodation and activities.

All Alfajiri Beach Villa enjoy a private, elevated position overlooking the Indian Ocean and Cliff Villa has a private swimming pool built into the sma

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