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(Tsavo East National Park is 333 Kilometers from Nairobi and is located Near the Village of Voi in the Taita District of Coast Province)

Tsavo East National Park Hotels, Lodges and Camps. Hotels, Lodges and Camps in Tsavo East National Park. Tsavo East National Park is 333 Kilometers from Nairobi and is located near the village of Voi in the Taita District of Coast Province. The park is divided into east and west sections by the A109 road and a railway.

Named for the Tsavo River, which flows west to east through the national park, it borders the Chyulu Hills National Park, and the Mkomazi Game Reserve in Tanzania. It covers an area of about 11,747 square kilometers.

Tsavo East National Park popular destinations within the park include the Mudanda Rock and the Yatta Plateau, which is the world’s largest lava flow. Luggard’s Falls on the Galana River include shapely water-worn rocks.

Visitors can view a variety of animals at the Park, including Elephant, Rhino, Lion, Leopard, Crocodile, Waterbuck, Kudu, Gerenuk, Zebra and Aruba Hunter’s Hartebeest.

Visitors can try to observe the large herds of elephants after their dust baths – they glow red as they blow the red dust through the trunks. There are also about 500 species of birds, including the ostrich, and migratory birds like kestrels and buzzards.

Tsavo East National Park Hotels, Lodges and Camps include:

Tsavo East Satao Camp, Tsavo East Galdessa Camp, Tsavo East Voi Safari Lodge, Mashariki Camp, Tsavo East Turtle Bay Safari Camp, Tsavo East Tsavo Crocodile Camp, Kilalinda Lodge, Tsavo East Ngutuni Lodge.

Others include: Tsavo East Pattersons Safari Camp, Satao Rock Camp , Tsavo East Tarhi Camp (Dik Dik Camp), Tsavo East Ashnil Aruba Lodge, Tsavo East Voi Wildlife Lodge and Tsavo East Ndololo Safari Camp.

Tsavo East National Park, Safari Lodges & Camps

Satao Camp – Tsavo East National Park, Kenya

Satao Safari Camp overlooks a watering hole and is nestled among trees at in the vast shrub land of Tsavo East National Park.

At Satao, you enjoy watching a variety of game from the veranda of your tent, which is located directly facing the watering hole. Each spacious tent has a private bathroom with running water.

The hot water however is brought to the tents every evening by the camp staff. This enacts a feeling of true rural African village setting, which is very much enjoyed by visitors.

The Satao tents form a semicircle around the waterhole; each tent is equipped with electricity from the camp generator.


Galdessa Camp – Tsavo East National Park, Kenya

Galdessa CampGaldessa Camp is a small, up-market eco-tourism Tented Luxury Lodge located on the Galana River, situated in Kenya’s largest Park, Tsavo East National Park.

The accommodation and activities are geared for the discerning traveler in search of a private experience in the African bush.

The Galana River flows lazily by, refreshing in the middle of Tsavo’s heat and the warm coastal breezes ruffle the doum palms over the bandas.

The word Galdessa means Baboon in Walangulu, the tribe that inhabited this area of Tsavo. Style, comfort, security, first-class service, and excellent cooking make it all an unforgettable experience.


Voi Safari Lodge – Tsavo East National Park, Kenya

Voi Safari LodgeVoi Safari Lodge was the first lodge to build in Tsavo East National Park; Voi Safari Lodge is built on a high outcrop known as Lion Hill overlooking the vast plains. The Lions have never left at night they can be heard from the immediate slopes beneath the lodge.

Voi Safari Lodge rooms are not as luxurious as other lodges due to its age but are adequate. However the general areas restaurant bars shops reception viewing and dining areas and areas are beautiful as are the surrounding gardens which are both frequently visited by Yellow Baboons, Hyrax and flocks of Swallows who have set up home in the lodge itself.

Mashariki Camp – Tsavo West National Park, Kenya

Mashariki Camp; Mashariki Camp is a tented camp located in the heart of the Taita Hills right on the border of Tsavo National Park. The camp has 5 tents immersed in the savannah.

Each tent and lodge is furnished in a very simple and informal manner. It provides a good quality standard level with private bathrooms, also embedded within the rocks, equipped with a shower and hot and cold water.


Tarhi Camp (Dik Dik Camp), Tsavo East National Park, Kenya

Sentrim TarhiSentrim Tarhi Eco Camp; Tarhi is the name that the inigenous Liangulu people gave the dik dik, miniature antelope that are often seen near kambi ya Tarhi, the camp of the dik dik.

On the banks of the Voi River, in a shadowed glade among ancient boskia trees, Kambi ya Tarhi has the atmosphere of the pioneer camps of long ago while providing the luxery of a permanent camp with modern amenities.

Sentrim Tarhi Eco Camp is Ideally placed in one of the most prolifice game viewing areas of the-renown Tsavo National Park, the camp is the perfect centre for your game drive.

You can make safari an all-day experience as you enjoy the serenity and surprices of the African bush around the camp, watching the light change on the Taita hills, listening to the calls of the animals or marvelling at the brightly painted birds.

To slake your thrist Sentrim Tarhi Eco Camp well stocked bar offers a full range of drinks that add to your relaxation as you sit around the riverside campfire and recall the day´experiences.


Voi Wildlife Lodge – (Outside the Park), Kenya

Voi Wildlife LodgeVoi Wildlife Lodge nestles in the heart of elephant country, on the boundaries of one of Kenya’s largest game parks -the Tsavo East National Park. Situated 5 kilometers off the main Nairobi-Mombasa highway, the lodge is only 4 hours drive from Nairobi and 2hours drive from Mombasa.

The lodge also lies within 5 minutes drive from the Tsavo East Airstrip. It has a spectacular view of the Kasigau, Sagalla and Mwakingali Hills and boasts a natural waterhole which often attracts big game.

Voi Wildlife Lodge is ideally placed for visitors wishing to combine a bush and beach safari holiday in Kenya with its accessibility to Tsavo National Park and its close proximity to the coast.

Voi Wildlife Lodge Accommodation:

The lodge has 72 Rooms

  • 16 Standard Rooms
  • 32 Superior Rooms
  • 24 Luxury Rooms which comprise two four-poster beds and views of the Savannah, which one can enjoy from the comfort of one?s balcony or terrace. Voi Wildlife Lodge rooms have spacious en-suite bathrooms and are furnished in African decor that is replicated throughout the lodge.

The lodge also has tents, with en- suite bathrooms, each accommodating two beds and gives you the feeling of camping in the wild. There are a number of rooms, close to the lobby, specifically designed to cater for paraplegic guests.Voi Wildlife Lodge Hotel View Rates, Book & Save Now!


Red Elephant Safari Lodge –

Tsavo East National Park, Kenya

Red Elephant LodgeRed Elephant Safari Lodge was build to blend into environment at Tsavo East National Park. Red Elephant Lodge is situated at the gate of Tsavo East National Park in Kenya 5 km’s from Voi town. The distance to Mombasa is about 170 km’s and to Nairobi about 320 km’s.

The Tsavo-East Airstrip is only 2 km’s away within the park. The railway station is about 5 km’s away. Red Elephant lodge has 12 double-rooms, 2 triple-rooms and 1 Mini Suite are located in the two wings of the building.

Each room is self-contained with bathroom with shower, flush WC and wash hand basin. Hot and cold water is available.


Pattersons Safari Camp – Tsavo East National Park, Kenya

Pattersons CampPattersons Safari Camp is located in Tsavo East National Park off the Nairobi-Mombasa road, opposite the Tsavo River Gate. It is an environmentally Friendly and Eco-Tented Camp and uses solar powered amenities and ‘Bucket Showers’.

Number of tents: 20 tents, all en-suite with a private veranda overlooking the Athi River. Style: Traditional African décor enhanced by modern amenities such as hot running water and flushing toilets.


Man Eaters Camp Tsavo National Park, Kenya

Man Eaters Camp, a luxury tented camp nestled on the banks of the Tsavo River in the middle of Tsavo National Park. Only 1km off the main Nairobi-Mombasa highway, Man Eaters Camp is an ideal stop over for travellers along the route, with accessibility to both Tsavo East [10km] and Tsavo West [2km] one can enjoy both parks on route to Nairobi or Mombasa.

The camp is consists of 30 luxury en-suit tents with a private balcony overlooking the Tsavo River. Across the banks one can view the game coming to the river to quench their thirst from the dry heat Tsavo is so famous for.

Man Eaters camp is located a kilometre from Tsavo station, and Tsavo Bridge which became famous in Kenya’s colonial history for the Man Eaters of Tsavo.

In this case specifically the story of two man eating maneless lions which terrorised the local and indian railway workers during the construction of the Kenya Uganda railway, and killed up to 135 workers, inspiring many movies such as Bwana Devil and The Ghost and Darkness.


Manyatta Camp Safari Camp – Tsavo East National Park, Kenya

Manyatta Safari CampManyatta Camp Tsavo East is located on the Tsavo East National Park boundary along Voi River. Manyatta Camp is easily accessible by road, a mere 4-hour drive from Nairobi and 2-hour drive from Mombasa, located 5km off the main Highway and only 1km away from Tsavo East airstrip.

Nestled on the edge of the park it provides a peaceful and tranquil refuge in which to escape from everyday’s hustle and bustle, making it perfect for a romantic holiday, a weekend getaway, a special break or a spontaneous trip out of town.

Tsavo East is home to the largest herds of elephants in Kenya. Other game includes the, rhino, lion, leopard, buffalo, cheetah, crocodile, giraffe, waterbuck and zebra, 500-bird species have also been recorded in the area.


Tsavo Lodge – Tsavo East National Park, Kenya

Tsavo Lodge TentTsavo Lodge (Tsavo East National Park) is situated 3 kilometers from the center of Voi Town and 2 kilometers from the Voi Gate the main entrance to Tsavo East National Park Tsavo Lodge has a bed capacity of 30 and also provides tented camp facilities.

Luxurious en-suite rooms with television sets are beautifully decorated to guarantee a comfortable and relaxing stay.

Each luxurious tent is self – contained. All tents are furnished with fine hand carved wooden furniture, with modern amenities. The dining room has been set up with a romantic ambience where well prepared and delicious cuisine is served and a well equipped bar serving a variety of drinks.


Ndololo Safari Camp – Tsavo East National Park, Kenya

Ndololo CampNdololo Safari Camp enjoys one of the most spectacular sceneries in Tsavo East. Kenya’s preserved game renowned for its concentration of diverse wildlife and home to the fabled “Man Eaters of Tsavo. The luxurious Ndololo Safari Tented Camp lies on the broad, thickly forested banks of Voi River in Tsavo East National park.

Ndololo Safari Camp accessible throughout the year by all weather roads and is located 7 kilometers from Voi gate, 63 kilometers from Buchama gate and 36 kilometers from Manyani gate.

This exclusive camp offers 20 luxurious, well-spaced tents each self contained with a Verandah and bedroom. Some of the tents have single, double and triple bed’s to cater for different tastes.


Ashnil Aruba Lodge – Tsavo East National Park, Kenya

Ashnil Aruba lodge lies in the heart of Tsavo East National Park in Kenya. Ashnil Aruba lodge has a total number of 40 deluxe en-suite rooms with 8 having interconnecting doors. 4 triple rooms with one interconnecting room, 6 luxury tented camps and 2 rooms suited for disabled persons.

Ashnil Aruba lodge Accommodation

There are a total number of 40 deluxe en-suite rooms with 8 having interconnecting doors. 4 triple rooms with one interconnecting room, 6 luxury tented camps and 2 rooms suited for disabled persons.


Ngutuni Lodge – Tsavo East National Park, Kenya

Ngutuni Lodge is a safari lodge located in a 10,000 acre private game sanctuary. It’s surrounded by Tsavo East National Park and overlooks a water hole which has a constant stream of animal visitors.

The 48 guest rooms at Ngutuni Lodge are spacious and comfortable. Ngutuni Safari Lodge Location: The lodge is only 2.5 hours drive from Mombasa and its international airport.

Ngutuni is located with the spectacular backdrop of the Sagala Hills. The area is famous for the legendary ‘man eating lions of Tsavo’ who in the nineteenth century, caused havoc in the construction of the Mombasa to Kampala railway.

The Ngutuni sanctuary and surrounding national park are home to an amazing variety of wildlife, which includes; lion, cheetah, elephant, buffalo as well as an enormous variety of plains game and bird life.

While we were there, we saw 8 elephant come to the waterhole just after it got dark. To see these huge animals so close (just a few metres away) is really quite something.


Turtle Bay Safari Camp – Tsavo East National Park, Kenya


Tsavo Crocodile Camp – Tsavo East National Park, Kenya


Kilalinda Lodge – Kilalinda Conservancy/Tsavo, Kenya


Satao Rock Camp – Taita Conservation Area, Kenya

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